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On-Site Range

MILO (Multiple Interactive Learning Objectives) Range is a world-leading provider of interactive Live Fire and simulation training products and is widely regarded as the nation’s fastest growing manufacturer of best-in-class firearms and use-of-force training systems. Based on the concept of Multiple Interactive Learning/Training Objectives or MILO, our range allows students to train on realistic, interactive scenarios projected life-size in the appropriate setting (classroom, vehicle, etc.), and allow instructor intervention and customization with both Live Fire and Laser firearms.

Why Our Range?

Our state-of-the-art MILO (Multiple Interactive Learning Objectives) Ready Range was built for all levels of live fire and laser simulated training to enhance your shooting skills. 1 hour in our range is like 10 hours in a traditional gun range.

We love training new shooters, because they haven’t had time to develop any bad habits!

Our climate-controlled HEPA-filtration-equipped indoor range is more effective than conventional ranges. We have no lengthy cease fires, no changing targets, and no downtime. When you come to our state-of-the-art range, you’re training, training, training!

Learn how to shoot like a pro in the real world! Practice recoil management by utilizing our SIRT infrared laser system before switching to the live fire module. We can teach you the aiming and accuracy fundamentals in the most efficient way possible using our 3-step system. We start with no recoil, then move to moderate recoil, and finally to real-time recoil.

With the ever-rising price of ammunition, our range will save you money by allowing you to learn and practice aiming, sighting, holstering, and more without ever needing to fire a single round of ammunition. By using our range, you’ll develop skill superiority at an affordable price.

With over 800 built-in training scenarios available in seconds, you’ll be shooting effectively in no time! We help you practice your skills with no delays, and maximize your time. Come during your lunch hour!

Our training range offers the new shooter a stress-free, non-intimidating environment, unlike public indoor/outdoor ranges. Whether it’s date night, a family affair, an outing with office colleagues, or one-on-one training, our space is your space. Train in confidence and in privacy.

Rock Your Glock

or just rent one

Member of the Glock and HK Range Programs

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Standard Session

$ 200
per hour
  • Pistol or Rifle
  • Includes 1 Range Rental Firearm
  • Up to 4 shooters

Shotgun Familiarization

  • Home defense shotgun
  • Slugs or Blanks

Low-Light Training

  • Low-light scenarios and LE training

Short Session (Max one person)

$ 75
per 30 min
  • 30 minutes of range time

HR-218 (LEOSA) Certification

$ 50
  • Includes one firearm
  • $40 for a second firearm
  • Retired law enforcement safety act

Weekly Special

  • Drills of the Week
  • $99 gets you 50 rounds of ammunition and 30 min of range time specifically designed by one of our instructors. Laser simulations may also be incorporated based on curriculum and programming.

Firearm Rentals

Our rental inventory is constantly being expanded. If there is a firearm that you would like to “Try Before You Buy” please ask us! We most likely have access to it.

$99.00 includes rental of 2 firearms from Rental list and 50 rounds of ammunition. Additional firearms are 50.00 each per hourGlock package

G34, G19, G26, G43x, G48, G44, G45
Options include Optic sights and/or iron sights.
We offer suppressors in 9mm, .22, and 5.56.

LE-Type Pistol Rentals
-No Pistol Permit Required to Shoot with our Certified Instructors!                                      -*Minors must be accompanied by an Adult Guardian and be 12 years old to shoot a Rifle and 14 years old to shoot a pistol.                                                                      —Rentals:                                                                 Handguns:Sig Sauer Rattler-9mm, Kriss Vector-9mm, Hk SP5K-9mm, Draco- Ak. 9mm, HK-VP-9, German Luger, Stub Nose Revolver
Rifles: MP5 clone, Colt 9mm, lever action .22

Too many rentals to list! We’re always adding to our rental list. Call or email for our most current selection

Range Rules


• No smoking Is allowed within the Range
• Personnel are NOT allowed In the Range while the range is being
• Carry only one caliber of ammunition when shooting
• Always wear eye and ear protection. Double ear protection (ear
canal plugs and muffs) Is recommended
• Appropriate clothing must be worn when the range is in use
• Food or beverage is not permitted in the shooting area
• You may not shoot if you have been drinking alcohol or have
been using other substances, including prescription drugs,
within the last 24 hours
• When loading, the rifle or pistol must remain on the table and
pointed at the backstop area. Moving the rifle or pistol off the
table to reload is prohibited. Loading or unloading firearm is
permitted only In the shooting lane
• Only one shooter per position, certified coaching is permitted.
• Non-shooters, other than firearms instructors, may not enter
range area
• When leaving the firearm lane at any time, unload the firearm,
lock the action open and place it on the table with the muzzle
pointing down range
• When you are finished shooting, all firearms must be unloaded
and placed in a secure carrying case before leaving the
shooting position
• If the firearm malfunctions, becomes jammed, you have
experienced a misfire, or if you require assistance of any type
from the range office, place the firearm on the table with the
muzzle pointing down range, step back from your shooting
position and contact the range officer. (At no time should you
remove a loaded or jammed firearm from the firing line)
• Always keep muzzle pointed down range, never point muzzle
towards celling or floor
• Do not use firearms which exceed the rating for your range
(listed Inside range and in manual)
• All firearms must only be discharged from behind the firing lIne
• Armor piercing, tracer or Incendiary ammunition is prohibited
• Black powder loaded ammunition is prohibited
• Holsters may be used by law enforcement officers, carry permit
holders, and commissioned security personnel only. Holsters
MAY NOT be used during firing sessions. Loaded firearms must
remain in the holster at all times, except at the firing line.
• Firearms must be pointed downrange at all times
• At no time is an individual allowed to cross the firing line to go
down range
• No retrieval of spent brass is to be recovered from the range
floor. Only the range master can recover items that have fallen
on the floor
• No shooter is to turn around with a weapon in their position and
to remain facing down the range
• A shooter must be capable of handling the caliber of firearm
they are shooting
• If a shooter has muzzle rise while shooting, they should cease fire
at once
• Keep fingers off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until
ready to fire and instructed that the range is “clear” to do so
• Keep the action open and unloaded until ready to fire and in
position on the firing line
• Be completely familiar with the operation of your firearm
• Be sure that you are using the correct ammunition
• Thoroughly wash your hands after shooting
• Full autos are permitted, however all shooters must be certified
by the facility authority or range master, prior to use
• Shoot only at authorized targets
• Place firearms on the shooting table, pointed down range during
a ceasefire
• Do not handle firearms or stand at the firing line when others
are down range
• Only authorized firearms are permitted on the range
• Shooting a rifle from any unstable position (i.e. hip shooting)
is strictly prohibited
• All doors must be closed when firearms are discharged
• The HVAC system MUST be on, and working properly, when the
range is in use
• All HVAC filers must be inspected and replaced, if required, on
a monthly basis
• Range maintenance and cleanup must be performed according to
the maintenance and cleaning procedures noted in the NSSF
manual~ or to applicable OSHA, EPA, Military, N.I.O.S.H., or
local requirements. The NSSF manual is included in your range
manual. Cleaning must be done on a regular basis
• Lead recovery and disposal MUST be performed in accordance
with the processes and procedures noted in the NSSF manual,
or to applicable OSHA, EPA, Military, N.I.O.S.H., or local
requirements. The NSSF manual is included in your
range manual

About MILO (Multiple Interactive Learning Objectives)

MILO is a world-leading provider of interactive simulation training, curriculum, range design, and equipment. We are widely regarded as the nation’s fastest-growing manufacturer of best-in-class firearms and use-of-force training systems. Since 1994, our award-winning MILO product line has been continuously selected as the de-facto training simulator for all branches of law enforcement, military, security, and public safety agencies throughout the United States and the world.

In 2020 Shooting Range Industries, “SRI” joined the MILO Live division. A premier provider of live-fire shooting range solutions and equipment, specializing in the design and manufacturing of modular shooting ranges that are available as self-contained, single containers, Ready Range systems, or fully configurable multi-container solutions for wide-open layouts with custom lane widths.

MILO—What does it stand for?

When we first designed and released the MILO simulator systems in 2004, it was unique because for the first time you could use one computer-based system to accomplish several training tasks in the same location at once including classroom-based lessons, instructional presentations, interactive-individual and group testing, and scoring, physical hands-on firearms and use of force training exercises and scenarios. This multiple training and testing capability led to the acronym MILO.

Multiple Interactive Learning Objectives

The MILO acronym, first just used as a simple internal product development placeholder name became so widely used and popular among our customers and professional trainers that we generally use that now for the default product and company name.  In fact, it is so widely known now that any kind of simulation training done for judgmental training and the application of the use of force in a simulator has become known as “MILO training.”

“You Must be a Non-Prohibited person (as per 18 U.S. Code § 922) & over the age of 18 without a Parent or Guardian. Minors 14 and over accompanied by their parent or guardian can also shoot Pistols with one of our “Duly Authorized Instructors”.